Mission, Vision and Values


Our overarching mission is to establish ourselves as an institution par excellence and to become a leading global provider of Geospatial, CAD and IT Services & Support.


Our vision is to:

  • Build a place where people have a sense of belongingness and inspired to deliver their best towards the organizational growth
  • Ensure that we provide our customers with high quality services in the most cost effective manner
  • Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization


Our values identify how we conduct our business and operate as a company, as well as what we expect from our team. TGIS is a company that expects:

  • Integrity as individuals and a company in our business practices and technical skills
  • Accountability of our team to deliver on their commitments to TGIS and our valuable clients
  • Collaboration and teamwork to achieve goals for our clients
  • Creativity in providing solutions to challenges encountered by our clients and in our internal development
  • Performance and technical excellence delivered to all projects-assignments, both external and internal
  • Sustainability in business practices integrated into our daily operations to contribute to a clean and sustainable environment
  • Safety is an integral part of our company by giving training and right equipment to our team, they need to get their assignments done successfully and within safe environment