Company Overview

Terrestrial GIS (TGIS) is specialized in offering various software application solutions and consultancy services pertaining to the deployment of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in various domains like Utility Mapping, Mobile Mapping, Parcel Mapping, Cadastral Mapping, Planning and Zoning, Routing, LiDAR Mapping, Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Forest Mapping, Change Detection and Navigation and Telecom. Terrestrial GIS consists of team who are experts and best solution providers in Geographic Information System and Information Technology with an experience in delivering projects ranging from utility management to energy site intelligence for leading companies.

We make extensive use of Geospatial and Information Technology for various projects. Our experts also help clients in meeting specific mapping requirements including agriculture, soil mapping, forestry, mapping land use and cover, city planning, archaeological investigations, military observations, geo-morphological surveying, by making use of satellite images taken from different sensors and color bands. Our company aims to deliver well-designed business solutions, by making use of sophisticated geospatial capabilities and technology.